Public Safety Cadets

2021 Membership Renewaltitle picture.jpg
All Lead Mentors will receive an email with a spreadsheet containing their membership roster in mid-November.  

Renewing Mentors
     1. Update the roster provided to you with appropriate changes.

     2. Add missing Mentors using this Membership page (blue button below)

     3. Add missing Cadets using online Cadet Registration through the Mentor Login.fairfax Mentor and Cadet 244.jpg

     4. Email updated spreadsheet to PSC at (no need to add new members to the spreadsheet, no need for new MOU and no need for new Agreement and Waiver forms for existing Cadets).

PSC will return your updated membership roster (including those you added online) along with an invoice for the 2021 year.
    4. Pay by Credit Card or Check (Using the Donate/Pay selection of the Join/Donate tab).
    5. Describe what you are paying online in the comment box.

    6. As each new Mentor or Cadet joins thereafter, register them online and pay the $15 membership online.

              -direct questions about the renewal process to
              -only paid members are covered by PSC insurance 

Students wanting to be a Public Safety Cadet should check with your local police/public safety agency to find a unit near them and learn how to join.

New Mentors register themselves and their Cadets.

Step 1. New Mentors register themselves (blue button below), upload their completed agency Memorandum of Understanding signed by the head of their agency and create member login. View MOU model form.
Step 2. Mentor receives acceptance email from PSC within 2 weeks
Step 3. Login, pay $20 annual unit registration dues and select Unit number (if creating a new Unit)
Step 4. Register your cadets and upload signed Agreement and Legal Waiver Form for each Cadet
Step 5. Pay $15 annual Membership Dues for each Mentor and Cadet registered using the Donate/Pay selection of the Join/Donate tab)

Mentor and Cadet membership dues are still only $15 for 2021!

Mentor Registration     Upload Signed MOU