Public Safety Cadets

Upload Signed Agency Memorandum of Understanding (MOU)

If you have not yet applied to be a Mentor, please click here to register.

If you have already applied as a PSC Mentor but still need to upload your agency’s Memorandum of Understanding completed and signed by the head of your agency including a list of Mentors, you can upload your MOU image below.  You can also upload corrected MOU's here.

Mentor Information
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Sponsoring Agency Information

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Attach signed "Agency Memorandum of Understanding"  (Required for approval as a Mentor)

Steps to becoming a PSC Mentor:
Step 1. Register as a Mentor and upload a signed completed Memorandum of Understanding
Step 2. You will receive an email regarding acceptance from PSC within 2 weeks of receiving fully completed MOU
Step 3. Login (using login you created when you registered as a Mentor), pay $20 annual Unit Registration Dues and select Unit number
Step 4. Register your cadets and upload signed Parent Consent Form for each Cadet through your Mentor Login
               Mentor and Cadet membership dues are still $15 each! (Unit Dues are $20 per year)