Public Safety Cadets

Public Safety Cadets
Mentor Application for Membership

Step 1 Mentors register themselves, upload their signed agency Memorandum of Understanding and create member login below

Thank you for your interest in mentoring young people interested in a career as a public safety professional. Your mentoring will change the lives of the young people, help shape the community in which you live and ensure quality policing for the future.   Please complete the form below and upload a completed image of your agency’s Memorandum of Understanding signed by the head of your agency to complete the registration process .  No need to upload an MOU if your agency is already registered with PSC.

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Next Steps
Step 2. After you Submit this application, by clicking the Submit button below, you will receive acceptance email shortly after you have been approved by PSC.
Step 3. If registering a Unit for the first time, Login (using login you created here), pay $20 annual unit registration dues and select your preferred Unit Number.
Step 4. Pay the $15 2020 Mentor Membership Dues using the Donate/Pay screen under the Join/Donate tab.  When paying, name the Mentor or Mentors being paid in the comment box.
Step 5. Register your cadets and upload signed Parent/Guardian Consent Form for each Cadet
Step 6. Pay the annual Cadet Membership Dues using the Donate/Pay screen under the Join/Donate tab.  When paying, name the Cadet or Cadets being paid in the comment box.

               Mentor and Cadet membership dues are still $15!

Online acceptance agreement

I have been selected for participation in the Public Safety Cadets by my sponsoring agency.  By submitting this online application for membership as a Mentor in Public Safety Cadets, I hereby certify that I am 21 years of age or older, never been convicted of a crime, all information provided is accurate and authorize PSC to conduct periodic background checks on me as long as I am a member.  Those checks may include criminal, credit, court records, and driving records.  I also agree to take the PSC Youth Safety Training within the agreed upon timeframe to be eligible for membership. Color, race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, ethnic background, disability, economic status or citizenship are not criteria for participation.  PSC does record gender and ethnicity of our members to measure our participation success throughout all communities.  I agreed to the Agency Memorandum of Understanding .