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What is Public Safety Cadets?
Public Safety Cadets is a totally new, National non-profit organization founded and managed by active or retired law enforcement officers and business leaders dedicated to preparing young adults for careers and leadership in the public safety profession.
Public Safety Cadets was established to assist local public safety agencies with mentoring young adults ages 14 – 21 to serve their communities by providing knowledge, skills and practical experiences through education and training delivered by public safety professionals that build character, physical fitness, and respect for the rule of law and human and civil rights. 

Although Public Safety Cadets helps to prepare young adults for careers in the public safety profession, the program’s goal is to foster good citizenship and a greater understanding between youth and the public safety agencies in their communities.

What does Public Safety Cadets do?
Public Safety Cadets (PSC) establishes partnerships with local, county, state, and federal law enforcement and other public safety agencies to form one or more PSC Units.  PSC assists these agencies to provide training, practical experience, as well as national programs and events to better prepare young adults to be good citizens and make an informed decision about a career in the public safety sector.

The partner agency provides the unique opportunity for local youth (Cadets) to interact with public safety career professionals (Mentors) in the workplace to gain practical vocational experiences that better prepare them to be good citizens. 

How do you get started?
Students should use the Unit Locator on the Join/Donate tab to see if there is an established PSC Unit in your community and learn how to join.  Units are currently being formed across the country and we expect a wide range of agency support to grow in the very near future.

Public Safety Professionals wishing to start a Unit can contact us at to receive information on how to start a Public Safety Cadet Unit or register your unit on the Join/Donate tab.  Sponsoring agencies must enter into a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Public Safety Cadets to establish units in their community.

How much does it cost?
Cadet and Mentor Membership Dues are free for 2019 and $15 per year thereafter. Annual Unit registration is $20 each year. 

Does Public Safety Cadets provide liability and Supplemental Accident Insurance?
Yes, $1M Liability Insurance as well as Supplemental Accident Insurance is provided by Cincinnati Specialty & Philadelphia Indemnity Company (see Resource Center for Certificate of Liability Insurance).  Supplemental liability insurance will be available through the PSC insurance provider.

Will there be a Youth Safety Training Program for adult Mentors?
Yes, Public Safety Cadets will provide youth safety training via a web-based on-line learning platform.

How do I obtain Public Safety Cadets emblems and insignia?

Public Safety Cadets will provide a free PSC seal embroidered emblem to each youth and adult at the time of initial registration.  In the near future PSC will provide a link to order additional embroidered emblems from stock or design your own patches for use on your uniform; either shoulder, breast or back at very reasonable, competitive pricing.  There will also be pins, challenge coins and badges available with custom PSC seal or crest logos for use in your custom design. Visit the PSC Store for more information as we grow these products.

Will State and Regional Associations be allowed?

Absolutely!  Public Safety Cadets recognizes the critical value of engagement with youth and law enforcement/public safety officials at the local level and lends itself to collaboration with other units in the same regional or state.  PSC looks forward to leveraging this valuable experience and outreach to strengthen other PSC units throughout the nation.

Adult Mentors that are state association presidents or chairs will have input into the National Committee.

Who will comprise the National Committee-Law Enforcement Sector within Public Safety Cadets?
Public Safety Cadets looks forward to appointing adult volunteers from successful units in the field to serve on the National Committee for each Public Safety Cadets sector.  The PSC National Committee-Law Enforcement Sector will be the first committee established within this new nonprofit organization.  Other sectors, such as Fire-Rescue, Emergency Medical Services, Corrections, Cyber & Forensic Science will follow.

What if my agency already has a paid Cadet position?  Is there a naming alternative?
Some of our member agencies have established, paid ‘Cadet’ positions and also have Public Safety Cadets.  They have distinguished them by uniform and emblem differences that have served to adequately differentiate them within the department to avoid confusion.  Should your agency require a different naming convention, a request to do so will be reviewed and considered for an agreeable solution.

Will there be PSC sponsored events?
Yes, Public Safety Cadets will seek to sponsor national leadership development academies, unit mentor training seminars, Regional and National Competitions as well as support and promote Regional and State Association events.  

Please contact us at: with any questions, comments or suggestions.