Public Safety Cadets
PSC Heraldry

The Heraldry of the Public Safety Cadets
Seal and Crest


Each symbol and color of the Public Safety Cadets seal has special significance.  The central core contains four quadrants depicting the badge or symbol of a public safety career sector partnering with Public Safety Cadets. 


The upper left quadrant contains a silver shield shape badge representing state and local police agencies. The upper right quadrant contains a five-pointed gold star representing county sheriff’s offices. The lower right quadrant contains the emergency medical service caduceus representing EMS organizations.  The lower left quadrant contains a gold fire service badge representing the fire-rescue services.


The four colors in the central core represent qualities instilled by the Public Safety Cadets:

Blue symbolizes steadfastness, strength, truth and loyalty;

Brown symbolizes stability and protection;

Green symbolizes freedom, hope, health and healing;

Red symbolizes eagerness to serve the community and nation.


The four career sectors are over-laid by golden points of the compass representing the adult Mentors who guide the Cadets in their pursuit of knowledge and character building. The gold color symbolizes Mentor qualities of understanding, respect, and virtue.  The points of the compass are intersected by the phoenix that symbolizes youth and something new.


The core is surrounded by a rope that binds these critical public service professions together by a fraternity of service through the Public Safety Cadets program.


The outer ring is a black background that symbolizes constancy and contains the organization name and a nine-point olive branch on either side representing the peace that public safety agencies strive to ensure.  The stars at the base of the seal represent the nine program founders with the Public Safety Cadets motto: Pride, Service, Character.


The PSC heraldry may be displayed in a seal or a crest.  The crest is used when the title, “Public Safety Cadets” is spelled out on the same surface, media, emblem, etc.


The seal and crest were created by Kent Jefferies on May 5, 2018 and adopted by the Public Safety Cadets Board of Directors on June 21, 2018.




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