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2022 PSC National Leadership Academy

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Cadet Villa-Batista, St. Petersburg, FL   PSC Unit 1969

Billy Yout Excellence in Leadership Award and Scholarship

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Cadet Chacon, Danbury, CT    PSC Unit 33

Military Police Regimental Association  Leadership Award and Scholarship

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Cadet Bettencourt, Joliet, IL   PSC Unit 220

Excellence in M4 Marksmanship

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Cadet Yunga, Danbury CT   PSC Unit 33

Physical Fitness 18 and over

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Thank you to the National Sheriff's Association for hosting Public Safety Cadets annual Board of Directors meeting at their offices in Alexandria, VA during Police Week.  Pictured are Past PSC President Kent Jefferies, PSC President David Constantineau, NSA Deputy Executive Director Tim Woods and PSC Director Mike Todd.

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We are in a National Crisis of too few law enforcement and laws are ineffective without enforcement.  Listen to this podcast to see how Public Safety Cadets is helping:

If you want to be part of a social movement....    join one!
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Come join a new, national nonprofit organization established to mentor youth Cadets, ages 14-20, to serve their communities by providing knowledge, skills, and practical experiences through education and training delivered by public safety professionals (Mentors) that build character, physical fitness and respect for the rule of law and human and civil rights.

Each registration includes a free Public Safety Cadets patch and free liability and supplemental accident insurance coverage for the calendar year for which Membership Dues have been paid.  Liability Insurance and Supplemental Accident Insurance provided by Cincinnati Specialty & Philadelphia Indemnity Company.

The individual registration dues for Cadet or Mentor is $15.  Annual Unit Registration Dues are $20.

Public Safety Cadets is a totally new, national non-profit organization incorporated in the Commonwealth of Virginia founded and managed by active or retired law enforcement officers and business leaders dedicated to preparing young adults for careers and leadership in the public safety profession. 

Although formed with a law enforcement centric career focus, future development of other public safety career sectors will include Fire-Rescue, Emergency Medical Services, Corrections, Cyber and Forensic Sciences as well as Critical Incident Management.

National Events

  • Mentor training
  • Unit program accreditation
  • Youth Safety Training program for all participants
  • Academic credits for community service
  • Building a recruitment pipeline and pathway for employment
  • Reasonable membership dues ($15 for Individual, $20 for each Unit)
  • Liability Insurance and Supplemental Accident Insurance 
  • Local input and full transparency
  • State and regional associations encouraged (state association presidents will be ex-officio members of the national committee)
  • Advisory Board of distinguished law enforcement and public safety professionals

We welcome your input and look to you as partners in this new opportunity to reach out to young adults interested in careers in public safety.  Your comments and suggestions are vital to the development of successful Public Safety Cadets’ policies and programs in order to benefit you, your agency and the youth of your community. 
Exciting events for 2021 include Public Safety Cadets National Competitive Training Conference.  Watch for Events page for more details. 

Please contact us at:  with your comments and suggestions.  We need your input!  Pass this website on to a colleague. 
We welcome you to join an exciting new organization and opportunity to provide a program focused on the youth of your community and the future of our great nation.
Best wishes and be safe,

Kent Jefferies,
Director and Founding President
Public Safety Cadets




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