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July 17-21, 2023

In early November, the Planning Team for the 2023 NCTC Summer Showdown visited Gatlinburg to nail down the details for competitions and seminars. They also hosted a meeting for area law enforcement and brainstormed innovative new ideas to continuously improve the NCTC. 
  • We arranged for more rooms and locked in over 300 hotel rooms to be released on February 1. 
  • In January, we will release the Guidebook for the NCTC to permit planning and training. 

  • On February 1, we will open registration to Public Safety Cadets. 
  • On March 1, we will open registration to Other Youth Organizations. 

  • Registration will close on June 1 or when we reach maximum team capacity. 

  • We encourage early registration as we will sell out this event. 

Plan to join us for the 2023 Summer Showdown in Gatlinburg, TN.  

  • Format similar to 2021
  • We have engaged Gatlinburg area Local, State and Federal law enforcement to join us in hosting this event
  • We are focused to ensure high quality education and training sessions for Cadets and Mentors
  • Hundreds of hotel rooms have been set aside in Gatlinburg for our event- room block information will be released February 1, 2023
  • When registration opens February 1st, we will guarantee a minimum number of events for each team
  • The following events are planned (but not yet guaranteed) for 2023.  Changes will be announced as these are confirmed.
    • Active Shooter Response
    • Arrest and Search
    • Burglary in Progress
    • Force Options
    • Bike Policing
    • High Risk Traffic Stops
    • Human Trafficking
    • Unknown Trouble
    • Drill Team
  • Public Safety Cadets will be offered a 30-day early registration period before other youth organizations.
  • Opening event will be held the evening of July 17, 2023.
  • Competitions will be held 0800-1700 July 18-19 and 0800-1500 July 20th.
  • Awards Ceremony will be the evening of July 20th.

Dates to remember-
February 1, 2023 Early registration begins for PSC Members
March 1, 2023 Early registration begins for non-PSC Youth Organizations
May 1, 2023 Fees increase for late registrations
June 1, 2023 All registrations are closed
July 1, 2023 Refunds (less deposit) are no longer available

$50 Deposit required with registration (not refundable but can be transferred to another attendee)
PSC Cadet$200$225
PSC Mentor$150$175
other youth$225$250
other adult$175$200
Fees include $50 Deposit (not in addition to the Deposit)

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