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Major Karen "K.C." Carr
Chesterfield County Police
Commander of the Operational Support Bureau
FBI National Academy Session 246
1986-87 National Youth Representative

Over thirty years ago, I took my first ride-along as a Police Explorer and the course of my life was set.  At 15 years of age, I joined Post 609 in Chesterfield, Virginia.  Being a youth in law enforcement provided me with valuable insight into my future career and a clear understanding of the profession. 

Beyond insight, this program provided tangible life and job experience.  While law enforcement skills taught in the Program are used for competitions, they provide a significant advantage in successfully navigating the rigorous demands of our police academy.  The experience gained fostered confidence and enhanced my ability to communicate with others: tools that are crucial for success in any endeavor.  

Beyond the skills of my craft, the youth law enforcement program instilled in me a strong sense of duty and reinforced my core values of integrity, service, compassion, and courage.  My Post advisors guided me as a young person and served as positive role models for me.  The other members of my Post also provided a positive influence in my life and have become life-long friends and peers.  Throughout my law enforcement career and in the various assignments within the department, this base has been invaluable.  

Though I made law enforcement my profession, I believe the skills and support I received as a a youth in law enforcement assured me success in whatever career field I chose.  Lessons for a Lifetime.

KC Carr 1988.jpg

1988- “K.C.” Carr, National Youth Representative (far right)

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