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Since State Associations will be the backbone of Public Safety Cadets, we are happy to present their success on this page...

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Bexar County

Fairfax County Police Department is Proudly First in the Nation to JoinPublic Safety Cadets Program

We’re always looking for ways toshow young people the benefits of becoming a police officer, so we’reexcited to announce our latest endeavor! We will be the first of many agenciesacross the nation to join the Public Safety Cadets program. This is a new,national organization that partners with law enforcement agencies to provideleadership, ethics, and career preparation training to young men and women whoare 14 to 21 years old and have an interest in a career in public safety. Wehave three units of Public Safety Cadets across the county with our officersserving as mentors.

The program will enhance our opportunity toreach out to our community’s youth and encourage them to consider a career withthe Fairfax County Police Department after they complete the program. Cadetswill be able to compete in national events and career skills competitions,receive academic credits for community service, attend the LeadershipDevelopment Academy and learn firsthand from officers that serve our community.This program also encourages parents and family members to get involved and seewhat the cadets are experiencing!

Law enforcement agencies nationwide can beginto register for the program tomorrow, December 1. If you or someone you knowmay be interested in joining one of our three units, we will be acceptingapplications for the Public Safety Cadet program in Fall 2019. Potentialcadets will not be turned away if they cannot afford the membership fees.